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Proposal Development: What Not to Do

Jan 26, 2011

Anyone who has written and submitted a proposal to a foundation, corporation, or other grantmaking organization has spent time second-guessing a decision about some facet of the development process or the proposal document itself and wondered, "Should I do that?" Learn what to do, and, maybe more importantly, what not to do when preparing requests for funding.

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Pamela Grow

Pamela Grow is an author, coach, copywriter, nonprofit marketing consultant, and political junkie. Pamela shares her knowledge at her web site and Twitter feed. Pamela’s greatest satisfaction lies in teaching the small community-based nonprofits how to, in her words, “market like the big boys” with limited time and resources. Read her full bio.

Kevin McDaniel

Kevin McDaniel is a program officer and manager of a portion of The Cleveland Foundation's proactive grantmaking budget. Among other things, Kevin plays an active role in assisting local faith-based organizations through the Cleveland Foundation’s Project Access program. Read his full bio.