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Use Social Media to Cultivate Donors

Apr 27, 2011

Consider these findings from the 2011 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study released last month:

  • For every 1,000 email list subscribers, participating nonprofits had just 110 Facebook users and 19 Twitter followers.
  • Facebook users for nonprofit fan pages grew an average of 14% per month in 2010. On average, nonprofit Facebook fan pages had 15,053 users, defined as people who “Like” a fan page.
  • Advocacy emails had the highest open, click-through, and response rates of any type of email, as well as the lowest unsubscribe rate. Fundraising emails had the lowest click-through rate.

In other words, merely asking for donations in your new Twitter or Facebook account isn't enough. It still holds true that the more engaged your audience is in what your nonprofit is doing, the more likely they'll be willing to donate time, money, or other resources.

How do you do that? Nonprofit social media and marketing consultants John Haydon and Sherry Heyl answer questions on how to best use social media to engage and cultivate new and current donors in this online chat.

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John Haydon

John Haydon is the founder of Inbound Zombie, a social media strategy firm in Cambridge, MA, that helps nonprofits increase awareness, amplify engagement, and get more donations online. He also is a partner at SocialBrite, a consulting organization that helps any sector adapt their business to be more social, and Charityhowto, a “how-to” portal for nonprofits, as well as a co-founder of 501MissionPlace, an online forum for nonprofit founders and executive directors. Read his full bio.

Sherry Heyl

Sherry Heyl is the founder of Concept Hub, Inc., a social media agency in metro Atlanta. Sherry is a thought leader in social and collaborative technologies and through her company she has helped organizations optimize their communications efforts to meet the evolving world of social media.